Eureka Innowwide programme

About: Part of the EU Partnership on Innovative SMEs. Implemented by Eureka

Call Opening: 25 July 2023

Call Deadline: 17 October 2023, 14:00 Brussels time

Finance: €4.2M to fund 70 projects (€60,000 per awarded grant)


For innovative SMEs to:
– Form cross-continental R&D or business partnerships
– Check whether their product, process or service market
combination might be commercialized in a target market

Market feasibility project:
– MFPs are the preliminary technical, market, legal and/or socioeconomic assessments intended to validate the feasibility of your international and innovative business solution within new and emerging global value chains.
– MFPs may also be the preliminary phase of a future international R&D project with local counterparts in the target country that you intend to carry out in the short or medium term.

Market feasibility projects must:

– Last six months
– Have a pilot market (target country) where you intend to develop and validate your innovative business solution in cooperation with a local counterpart
– Include a variety of activities (technical, market and promotion activities).

Eligible activities:

1. Co-creation and technology uptake preparatory work (innovation and technology transfer services)
2. Market research (desk and field studies)
3. Compliance verification
4. Other: Business trips, promotional technical material (technology valorisation-oriented)

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