Project Management

Got ideas? Want to utilise the existing financial support? Let us successfully manage this field from start to finish whilst you focus on your business.

The Proccess

Project management is all about finding the right balance among resources, objectives, goals, and timelines. With our systematic approach, we help you streamline your project management from initiation to delivery and beyond.


Local Funds
Calls and projects taking place at local and regional levels. Each financial fund has a specific objective and sub-goals to achieve, which are usually set and agreed by regulations and legal acts.
EU Funds: Calls for projects
Projects of larger scale in terms of reach and budget, with focus on EU agreed objectives. Set-out to achieve the key goals as outlined in the Horizon Europe (development, digitalization, innovation and so on).
Consortiums / Partnerships
Idea accelerator for European cooperation focussed on building the ecosystem and networks between the different countries across multiple fields, in private and public sectors.
Raising capital: Private Investments
Raising capital as a start-up or launching a new company could be a daunting task. Preparation and aligning your top priorities with the available opportunities, will ensure that the best partner for your business is chosen.
Business Loans / Investment Funds
For those who are looking to keep 100% equity but want an initial boost. Business and growth plans are required to present your vision and justify the required investment.
Other Growth Channels
Have another strategy in mind? Let's speak, we are open to new opportunities and can utilise the existing resources and network to support you.

Our approach and methodology

1 st Step

Project initiation

– Idea generation and suggestion, project objective and scope confirmation.

– Evaluation of the idea’s applicability and current opportunities.

1 st Step

2nd step

Project planning

– Setting expectations

– Timeline and tasks outline

– Assigning responsibilities

2nd step

3rd step

Project delivery and completion

– Completion of the set tasks

– Consistent communication with agreed milestone reviews

– Project submission

3rd step

4th step

Further development

– Evaluation of the project

– Continuation strategy

4th step
What is your project?

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