6 Ways How To Use AI Tools In Marketing

I bet all of you have already heard about ChatGPT and how it will take job from coders or have seen photorealistic image of pope with Balenciaga swag generated by MidJourney. Yes, these are great tools to help out on tasks requiring research, brainstorming or helping with mundane tasks, but as many tools- they have their own limitations. In this post I’ll share couple of insights how our marketing team use AI tools.

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What Are AI tools?

To put it dryly- Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are systems that utilize machine learning and deep learning to mimic human intelligence. These tools are nothing new, but they reached extreme popularity with ChatGPT in the last quarter of 2022 reaching one million users in just 5 days.

Today you can find a whole directory with 250+ best AI tools on the internet and many posts on Linkedin newer and newer ways to optimize productivity and jumpstart creativity. And you can definitely do that. You should embrace Artificial Intelligence and see how you could get more productive with it because there is great wisdom out there on the vast oceans of the internet stating “AI will not replace you, people using AI will”.


How to get started using AI?

Let’s start with generative AI, which helps to create text based content of any kind you need. All you need to start is go to https://chat.openai.com/, create an account and you’re ready to go. There is a paid version of it for 20 USD/month, but it’s only if you see value for this tool and use it as an assistant often. You don’t need to get the paid version if you’re only going to use it occasionally.


Input = Output

Prompting is a new buzzword that defines any form of text, question, information or coding that communicates to AI what response you’re looking for. It defines what and how you want it. Getting it right is essential to receive quality results when working with AI tools. Bad prompting example would be text like “create text ads for shoe company”.


Such prompt will give you lucrative results as the tool will not know what type of campaign you want, what are your goals with it or what is your target audience. AI cannot read minds (yet!). You can always expand with additional information but always remember- you will always need to have a good understanding of the topic you’re asking information on as the one that needs to evaluate the quality of the output is you.

So now you know what are AI tools and how to use them. Let’s see 6 ways how you can create great inputs and receive quality outputs.


1. Creating ad texts

Let’s say you need Responsive Search Ads Headlines for Google Ads campaigns. You have your 5 main keywords and need 10 more headlines that focuses on unique selling points (USP) and call to actions (CTA). Your prompt idea could look something like this:

Act like experienced Google Ads specialist. You write ad copy for Roofing company in Illinois, USA, called “Roofion” (www.roofion.com). Roofion specializes in flat and metal roofing services in all of Illinois. Give me 10 headline ideas for Google Ads, up to 30 characters each including spaces. Make 5 headlines focus on USP and 5 on CTA.

There are some good variations that could definitely be used. If you need more to choose from- you can expand by giving prompt “Create 10-20 more additional headlines.”


2. Updating/Rewriting your current ad text

When running Facebook ads each primary text copy and headline can have up to five variations. This is a great way to keep your creative tested with different text/headlines. You have

Act like experienced Facebook ads specialist . You write ad copy for Roofing company in Illinois, USA, called “Roofion” (www.roofion.com). Roofion specializes in flat and metal roofing services in all of Illinois. Create 5 primary text variations for text “Is your roof worn out, leaking, or just in need of a fresh, new look? Look no further than Roofion, your local roofing masters specializing in FLAT and METAL roofing all across the wonderful state of Illinois!” Focus on keeping the same tone and features, but create both longer and shorter variations with emojis and without them.


3. Content Ideas

What if you don’t have ads to begin with or need to generate some blog post ideas for the client but have none. Zilch. Nothing. You can brainstorm together with ChatGPT and cherry-pick the best ones.

Expand on best ideas to create a content structure including sections, subsections and ideas on what should be mentioned in each paragraph.


Remember, you shouldn’t let ChatGPT to write the content for you because at best it will be mediocre blog post with regurgitated information from the web. You should use to help you brainstorm and structure your content, not do it for you. Unique and helpful content is what you need to strive for. That will make your content great. Like this one. 🙂


4. Create unique images

If you want to generate some unique images for blog or social media posts you can do it with MidJourney AI which is responsible for Balenciaga Pope mentioned in the beginning. However, it’s a little bit more complicated how to use MidJourney as it runs through a Discord server. Review these instructions on how to use Midjourney AI.

After you get the prompts basic and /imagine command you should be able to generate awesome images. Keep prompting specific and descriptive to generate the desired image.

  • Get upscaled version of an image using U1/U2/U3/4
  • Make 4 more variations of one image using V1/V2/V3/V4
  • Download the image of upscaled version.


5. Image Prompts via ChatGPT

Let’s step even further and ask our (not) so old friend ChatGPT to generate prompts for MidJourney based on your desired theme. For example, you have an idea that you want series of images that depict different classical paintings in sci-fi setting for your blog thumbnails. Ask ChatGPT to make specific prompts on a desired idea and don’t forget to mention that those prompts should be for AI Image generator.

Then you can get results like these and have original theme based content to capture attention. Pretty neat, right?

The Creation of Cyber Adam


6. Generated images with CANVA

AI Images could serve you more than just be a beautiful picture for you blog or social media post. You can use them with CANVA or any other online graphic design tools to create text overlays or backgrounds for your posts, presentations, posters or videos. CANVA has 250, 000+ templates in FREE version  and over 610, 000+ on PRO version, so you’re definitely going to find something for you marketing project.

The integration of AI tools like ChatGPT and MidJourney AI into marketing strategies is not only an exciting innovation but an essential step forward in modernizing business practices. Whether it’s crafting persuasive ad texts, generating unique images, or brainstorming fresh content ideas, these tools are revolutionizing how you could do marketing. By understanding how to prompt effectively, even mundane tasks can be transformed, leading to more creativity and productivity. However, it’s crucial to recognize that AI is a complement rather than a replacement for human intelligence and creativity.

Does the last paragraph seemed a little bit bland? It’s because I asked ChatGPT to write it. I’m really bad at conclusions. Anyways, if you’re reading up to this part- hope you found something useful here and catch you on another post.

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